We are a group of aviation campaigners and concerned citizens from across the UK. The groups we represent include HACAN, GALBA, GAAC, CAGNE, Flight Free UK, Campaign against Climate Change, Possible, AEF, BAAN, Stay Grounded, HACAN EAST, LADACAN, South-West Essex Fight the Flights and Safe Landing.

Each of these groups campaigns on separate but related issues, including local noise and air pollution, global justice, workers’ rights and climate change. We came together in April 2023 to put our collective weight behind the call for no airport expansion across the UK, in line with advice from the government’s scientific advisors.

Our manifesto

We believe that the UK’s airports are big enough and there should be no further expansion. 

We call for a three-year pause on all UK airport expansion plans

This moratorium will allow time to assess whether the expansion of the aviation industry can be compatible with the UK’s legal commitment to reach net zero by 2050.

It would also allow time to assess the health and quality-of-life impacts of noise and air pollution for communities around airports and those under flight-paths, and to develop measures to tackle it.

A pause would mean that a clearer picture could emerge of the timescale and effectiveness of the government’s proposed solutions outlined in the Jet Zero strategy.

We believe that the policies used to make decisions about airports’ expansion plans do not reflect the increasing climate emergency or the disruption caused to residents’ lives by increasing air traffic. Any planning decision on airport expansion needs to be informed by robust forecasts of the cumulative CO2 emissions from all UK airports.

We believe that the ‘techno-fixes’ relied upon by the Government to mitigate the damage caused by the planned increase in air traffic contained in the Jet Zero strategy cannot be relied upon to cut emissions in a climate-relevant timeframe. This is because they are either unworkable at scale, damaging in other areas (such as diverting resources away from other sectors) or too expensive to be taken up by the industry. 

The aim of our work is to persuade MPs and other decision makers to support our call for a halt to airport expansion.

What we do

We speak to decision-makers, lobby MPs, hold public events, organise and attend protests and rallies, run petitions, respond to government consultations, speak to local residents, and raise awareness amongst MPs and the public of the importance of not allowing airport expansion.

For up-to-date information of our activities and for critique and analysis of government policy, go to the News page.

Greta Thunberg joins protestors at Farnborough Airport, March 2024

Our supporters