Parliamentary event

On Wednesday 22nd May the No Airport Expansion network of local campaign groups and NGOs met with Members of Parliament in one of the function rooms at the Palace of Westminster. MPs whose constituencies included London and UK regional airports were invited and over 40 accepted the invitation.

At the event, the No Airport Expansion group presented the case for:

A three year moratorium in the expansion of passenger numbers from UK airports in order to i) assess whether the planned growth (over 70% by 2050) can ever be compatible with our legal commitment to net-zero targets, ii) update our out-of-date planning policies and iii) give some relief to the many residents who live near airports from noise, traffic congestion, pollution and night flights.

A Cumulative Impact Assessment. The group believe that when an airport wants to expand, the planning decision should take into account all the other airports with similar plans; in other words, there should be a cumulative impact assessment of airport expansion plans.